SMS marketing is an opt-in text-message based marketing strategy that organizations can leverage to reach their customers in a non-invasive yet highly visible way. SMS is the acronym for short message service, which is simply the technical term for text messaging.  In a world where more and more consumers are beginning to become desensitized to apps and icons, text messaging provides marketers a means to bypass all the digital noise and interface with their customers using a medium they’re already comfortable with and regularly viewing.

While some marketers may be hesitant to dive in to a strategy that includes an SMS campaign, the numbers indicate doing so would be one of the more effective ways to reach their customers. According to  SAP:


In short, there are a million apps out there. What’s more effective from a marketing standpoint trying to invest in becoming the next app a user will install and ignore or utilizing the one messaging medium they’re most likely to keep coming back to regardless of the flavor of the month in the app store?

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

  1. Cost effectiveness- SMS marketing is easy to implement and has great ROI (return on investment) relative to comparable marketing campaigns like email blasts, mobile ads, print ads, or app development. The accessibility of the underlying technology and the inherent likelihood of your  customers viewing your message make SMS marketing a no-brainer from an economic standpoint.
  2. High open and response rates- People have become desensitized to mobile apps, email blasts, and online advertisements. The “icon overload” SAP referred to in the aforementioned article is a very real thing. A well-crafted email blast means nothing if your consumers don’t open it, or even worse if it hits their spam boxes, but a text message that tells them about your 15% coupon is not only likely to be read, it may be the incentive they needed to make that next purchase.
  3. Flexible- SMS messaging is easy for you to implement and scale up or down, and easy for your customers to opt-in or opt-out of. Making it an effective tool for you and a relevant resource for them.
  4. Unobtrusive- A text message is unobtrusive and unlikely to be an annoyance to a consumer.  Leveraging a text message as a means of interfacing with your customers is a great way to get their attention without being perceived as spammy, annoying, or pushy.
  5. Eco-friendly- In a world where being green is more important than ever, the low carbon footprint of an SMS campaign is a plus from an economic and environmental standpoint.

The Linchpin Advantage

Here at Linchpin, we’ve mastered the art of effective and compliant SMS messaging so you don’t have to. Our solutions help you engage your potential customers in a way that is highly engaging and likely to increase revenues. With features like message personalization, mobile coupon delivery, social media integration, birthday & anniversary clubs, and inbound data capture for analytics, we help you stay in tune with your customers like never before. We also understand how to navigate the regulations and technical details involved in the “nuts and bolts” of an SMS marketing campaign so you can focus on what you do best: serving your customers.

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